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By Danny Gore

It was in 1908 in Maldon, Massacchussets when Marquis M. Converse opened the Converse Rubber Shoe Company. Also known as the Boston Rubber Shoe Company, it has been making shoes since the early 20th century, providing winterized rubber soled footwear for men, women and children. 2 years later, Converse, being a rubber shoe manufacturer, produced 4,000 shoes daily and in 1915 started manufacturing tennis shoes.

In 1917, Converse All-star basketball shoes were introduced, a real innovation considering that the sport was only 25 years old. The big break came in when it was endorsed by basketball player Charles H. "Chuck" Taylor as his preferred shoe of choice.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Original Skate Pack Punk Prints
In 1921 he went in complaining of sore feet. Converse came to his rescue by not only alleviating the pain but by giving him a job.Being impressed with the company's shoe designs, he worked as a salesman and ambassador promoting the shoes all over the United States thereby becoming the company's leading salesman. Then, after a few changes to the shoe have been made upon his proposal, Converse shoes got it's current name and Chuck Taylor's signature on it's ankle patch.Chuck Taylor All Star basketball shoes have also been referred to as "Cons", "Connies", "Chucks", "Converse", "Chuckie T's" and "Chucker Boots" for the higher styles.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Original Skate Pack Punk Prints
Colored and patterned shoelaces became so popular to complement Converse's two colored black and white trademark before 1966 in order to match each basketball team's specific colors. This was brought about by the consumers demand for more varieties on the shoe and pressure from the different basketball teams.Eventually, it wasn't only about the colors but more styles came out. Low-top or "Oxford", high-top and later, knee-high versions were produced. Construction materials for these styles include leather, suede, vinyl, denim and hemp. There were even some versions that were offered without laces and are held up by elastic. All of these new designs were co-designed by Chuck Taylor himself who tirelessly continued his work until his death in 1969.

Converse All Star Hi
Afterwards, the design has had a few alterations after Converse was bought by Nike and operations were moved from the United States to overseas. From the usual 2-ply cotton canvas, the fabric became 1-ply "textile" and different patterns of wear have been noticed by many wearers.Currently, Converse has also been producing a wide range of occupational safety shoes for men and women that resemble their regular athletic shoes. Some of which are the women's metaflex athletic Met Guard work shoe, men's athletic Met Guard slip-resistant hiker and the men's non-metallic safety-toe athletic shoe. Not only were these shoes built to last but are made up of genuine leather offering minimal electric resistance, shock-resistant heels, foam insoles and a special moisture resistant lining to keep your feet dry all day. What's more is that they're metal free so it's really perfect for those on high-risk jobs, everything that a work shoe has to have to protect you from occupational hazards.Converse, a name that holds a century of innovation and footwear history in itself. What else can you ask for? Name it, they have it. Be it Converse classic shoes, Converse lifestyle shoes or Converse performance shoes, Converse gives you the freedom to express yourself by choosing whichever fits your mood, style and wardrobe.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas Hi has a superb selection of Converse shoes that is true to the brand. It is individuality personified in it's array of distinctive colors, styles and designs. And the good thing about it is that you don't have to leave your house just to get a pair of your own.

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