Sneakers – Gen X Icon


Style sneakers are the hot shot item in the sports market. Gen X youths, irrespective of gender, are behind it. Style sneakers are the top among other sneaker brands. Various captions, lyrics from rap, designs, hip hop patterns, colorful stickers and paints give a stylish look to such sneakers. No wonder few addicts go to the extreme considering their sneaker collection as consecrated. For them sneakers are much more than shoes.

As told before, the sneaker addicts range from upper class to middle class people. These addicts will never back down until they get what they want. Its omnipresence in famous culture and hip hops make sneaker addicts to collect those sneakers. Generally these collectors will lookout for new, stylish looks in sneaker and go for it by any means. Many footwear outlets are available for middle class sneaker addicts. However, there are high end specialty showrooms for those who collect rare and costlier one.

Sneakercon provides an excellent opportunity for sneaker followers to sell, buy or exchange their sneakers and of course to share their passion with people alike. Sneaker Fanatics arrange the above said official gatherings. Sneaker followers from all over the world gather here and take a look at future brands of sneaker.

Since these addicts devote their time and money on sneakers, the sneaker brands comes out with more innovative and creative ideas to satisfy their fan club. These creations comprise laser images, fancy metal clips to the laces etc. Even there are various blogspots, forums, magazines etc for the sneaker freakers to discuss about their passion.

People who conglomerate sneakers to worship helped out to boom the athletic-shoe business to $15 billion. Stella McCartney and Gwen Stefani’s designs are exclusively for women. Limited exhibits of vintage collection add fuel to sneaker addict’s frenzy. High-top, Low-top, Middle Cut, and Sneaker Boots are four major category of sneaker design.

Nike, Converse, Adidas, Puma, and Van are the topmost sneaker brands amongst others. First basketball shoes were manufactured in the year 1907 by Spalding Company.Thus these sneakers serve as icon in everyone’s life.

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