Basketball Sneaker Buying Tips


Are you in the market for basketball shoes? There are plenty of sneaker models to choose from including Nike Air, Air Jordans, Chuck Taylor All Star, and Nike Dunk. Which pair is the right to purchase? Read the following information to help you make an educated decision.

Fashion or Play
We all have seen basketball sneakers on and off the court. The first thing a consumer needs to consider is whether they will actually be playing the game of basketball in their sneaker or if the shoes will serve more as a fashion accessory. This is important because playing a game would warrant specific traits in a shoe while look and comfort would be the main concerns for those just wearing a pair for fashion purposes.

How You Play
Your style of play can influence your decision. A defense-intensive player may want something with a lot of cushioning (such as the Nike Air Force 1) and ankle support. A defensive player needs something with a heavier construction, which offers stability.

A utility or 'all-around' player will want a shoe that provides cushioning and ankle support while being lightweight (such as many versions of the Air Jordans). A utility player needs shoes that can facilitate their speed, power, and agility.

A fast player needs a light-weight shoe. While all basketball players need ankle support, a high-top shoe may sacrifice some speed, so a mid-top shoe may be an optimal choice. A fast player needs to find a shoe that supports their prime talent.

Indoor or Outdoor
Indoor or outdoor play also can influence a purchase decision. An outdoor player needs a durable, outer sole on their basketball shoe or the shoe can quickly deteriorate. Concrete and asphalt can be very traumatizing to a lighter shoe.

Playing indoors provides more options because the wood surface of an indoor court is gentle on basketball shoes. For years, Chuck Taylor All Star shoes were used to play indoors and can still serve that purpose, yet more durable shoes are also available today as exhibited through Nike sneakers and Adidas sneakers.

Tips to go
- Try on both shoes when purchasing your sneakers. Most people have one foot that is larger than the other. You want to have at least one-half inch of room at the top of the shoe.

- Wear the same sort of socks you will wear when playing basketball when making a purchase. Sport socks are usually heavier and thicker than other kinds of socks you may wear off of the court.

- Some suggest purchasing sneakers at night because this is a time when your feet are most swollen from the day in order to ensure a good fit.

- Basketball players are susceptible to ankle injuries. Purchasing a high-top sneaker can provide the most protection from ankle injuries as well as shoes that have additional straps at the top of the shoe to fasten around the ankle.

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