Cleaning Dirty Sneakers

Remember that none manufacturer does not recommend cleaning sneakers in a washing machine, or in this case they do not guarantee their persistence.

With the arrival of cold autumn days it's time for closed and warm shoes, which include sneakers.The nightmare of many people is just keeping sneakers clean, which for some models is not easy at all.Specifically, they need a deep cleaning, which is often not possible due to the materials which have been made.

You have to clean them, but how? We believe that most people already have some, more or less effective ways to clean sneakers, but always finds a trick, whether in technique, and any cleaning products, which you did not know yet.

Cleaning sneakers in washing machine
We believe that most of you in memory of cleaning sneakers thought the washing machine. Sneakers place inside and they comes out clean. Of course this is a really good way to cleaning, but the canvas sneakers. Sneakers of any kind of leather, not so well endure cleaning in washing machine.

The leather is not designed for prolonged soaking, especially the inside of the sneaker, so if you put your leather soak, your leather will absorb water and will almost certainly swell because of water. As the will leather be dry, it will lose its original softness, suppleness and fine structure, and will later be prone to cracking, it will be stiff, lose the beautiful original appearance. When you wear sneakers on the feet, you probably will not be comfortable as before.

This warning is particularly related to the sneakers of suede (sanded leather), which has small pelage on it, which will be followed by washing with water and detergent safe and sticking to the leather completely lose original layout. Specifically, velour is particularly susceptible to water absorption.

Moreover, while washing sneakers in the washing machine, water temperature and detergents may wash away the original color of the leather and rotation of the washing machine can mechanically damage the top layer of leather. At the end, there is a possibility that the adhesive used for making shoes melt, and your sneakers will literally - be destroyed.

Remember that no one manufacturer does not recommend cleaning sneakers in a washing machine, or in this case do not guarantee their stability. If however you decide to clean sneakers in a washing machine, select the program for soaking, not a higher temperature of 40 ยบ C, and use a mild detergent.

Before washing remove the shoelaces,and remove the sneaker insole, if possible. Put the insole into the washing machine, but separate from the sneakers. If you do not want you to laces too many noose, only one strap put through the hole and shoelace a bind node.

If sneakers have sand on itself, mud and other heavy dirt, before placing in the washing machine, clean them with a brush and shower.

If you however decide to hand wash leather sneakers, our advice is to soak them as little as possible, and to wash them with foam or some other similar cleaners that require little or no water.

Take a soft plastic brush or sponge and a foam (or some other expedient) a circular motion gently clean all the sides of sneaker. You can leave a expedient to effect a short time. Sneakers outside wipe with a damp cloth to remove traces of detergent. Wash the insole especially if it can be removed from the shoes, but if you can, soak lightly inside the shoe, apply the cleanser and scrub as much as possible. When rinsing the inside with water, with clean absorbent paper or cloth soak up as much liquid as the leather would not absorb too much water. After that, leave them to dry on windy and / or a warm place where they will be able decant remaining liquid.

Sneakers of velour try wiping with a wet wash cloth, but if this procedure fails, after you've washed them with water and detergent, try to squeeze them out and soak up as much water to the outside of the leather by rubbing with a towel. With this procedure to some extent will prevent them from sticking together hair.
If you have a canvas sneakers, the situation is much simpler. You are free to soak, scrub use plain soap or detergent and a soft plastic brush, rinse them running water. For heavier dirt, you can leave them to soak in warm water with detergent for laundry, dishes, etc.

If your shoes are made partially of the leather and partially of the canvas, we recommend that they should not wash in a washing machine, only manually. Be careful when cleaning leather parts of sneakers.

When sneakers are dry..
Canvas sneakers when dry, are ready for reuse. Leather sneakers after dry, brush with cream for maintaining leather sneakers. Sneakers of velour (in leather), spray with the impregnation expedient to maintain this leather type.

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