Prada Sneaker's 2011 Collection Does Not Fail to Impress This Stringent Shopper

I took a trip down to Dubai a few weeks ago and had a great chance to go through a massive assortment of luxury products and textiles at the mega malls that are constantly being built up. What stood out to me was where Prada Shoes have gone in the past years. I have been trying out random brands in the past while and had completely forgotten about Prada until I saw the new designs that they have to offer.

The new assortment of sneakers is what caught my eye as I haven't been anywhere near Prada since I had my Linea Rosa's years back. The differences I see today are interesting, they really seem to be going all out with the new materials and blends used to make the shoes.

As far as I was concerned, being old fashioned the way I am; a quality shoe meant a nice genuine leather exterior that could last decades. I had perfected my methods of testing leathers and had to make sure what I way buying at the local market was the real deal. Today however things have changed so much.

It is no longer the material that we need be concerned about but rather the assortment and purpose of the shoe. The new Prada Shoes that I have been most impressed with are the perforated calfskin leather models. As I mentioned I'm old fashioned and see quality in leather but at the same time would like something with air and spring so to say for a little jogging.

Without dragging it out much we can all assume that I sprung for a pair of perforated sneakers and have to say that I'm very impressed with them. If the weather in Dubai is any indication then I can all but guarantee that this way of making shoes is a great success. The perforations are very subtle but placed in the right spots to let in some air in order to keep your feet dry and ventilated. I actually did some research and found its good for the overall health of your feet as well.

Our feet just like any part of our body required oxygen to operate and being stuffed all day inside a shoe is not really the best place for them to achieve the necessities of survival. With a bit of research I found that perforated Prada Sneakers are great for your feet and will keep them much healthier in the long run.

In the short run though I have found that having the airflow will cut down on pain and make the shoes just that much more comfortable, that and of course the already soft insoles. I have had my new shoes for a few months now and not to sound cliche but have noticed a new skip to my step and am more than a satisfied customer. It certainly is good news when an old fashioned guy such as myself can purchase a product that fills that nostalgia and yet provides a fashionable and modern innovation that satisfies my needs and improves my life.

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