Nike Air Force 1 - How Much We Love Pure White

Believe in the impression of a lot of people, white would be a symbolic of holy, pure and frank, from this point on color science, white is equal mix from any visible lights of the nutual, in other words, white color represent combination of all things on earth. No wonder at occidental sights, the pure color in the name of holy color to some extent, also reagard it as the favorite color for god. And obviously in many sneakers fans' eyes, white is a mix of contradiction. Whenever if you saw a guy with a dazzling white sneaker in the street, your sight would stand on his feet for 1- 2 seconds at least, but from another point of view, you would have find the trouble brought from the white shoes, they are the shoes not able to bear or endure dirty and maintenance, so that is the reason why many other people still refuse the white shoes.

 But for the people actually fond of the delights by sneakers, there should be not only one pair of white shoes in their shoescase, this would not be caused by shoes brands, regardless of shoes prices, it's only a interests from white. It would be a kind of life attitude from a pure sneaker fan, and this purity also same as the white color. Besides Air Jordan White shoes, believe there are many people's favorite shoes series would be the Air Force 1 from Nike. While in 2007, the shoes were celebrated for 25th Anniversary in a big way, even more older that Air Jordan series. It was born in 1982, and was the shoes with most different styles in the world, no matter in colorways, jointly collarbration, every style's special annotation, even in a particular shoes, the Nike Air Force 1 should be the best one all over the world.

White, the most pure color in the world, it seems is spotlessly clean which the most pure part every people only deeply keep for in their heart. White can bring the fresh and cool feeling to people, through it hardly be able to bear dirty but still popular for people, and fashionable to match any clothing. Not only as this, thousands of sneaker fans, also regard the pure white Air Force 1 as their own favorite shoes all life, and never regret. Thus it can be seen, the pure white Air Force 1 so popular by public. It already not only a simple shoes, it carried with shoes culture and inside information, maybe there is none shoes can compare with it.

Nike Air Force One Sneaker White 9

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