How to Identify Fake Sneakers

As is known, there are many fake sneakers in the markets and there is no doubt that fake sneaker inferior to the genuine sneakers. They can't provide the protects that the real things provide and are not as comfortable as the genuine sneakers. What is worse, they maybe do harms to your body.However,the fake sneakers look more and more like the genuine sneakers.Then,what can we do to identify the fake sneakers from the genuine sneakers?

When it comes to how to identify the fake sneakers from the genuine sneakers, most of us will come up with seeing the bar-code behind the tongue and their numbers, their stitching, colors, logos and their packaging or other details. We could use these methods to distinguish general fake sneakers. However, when it comes to extremely fine imitated sneakers, these methods are still far away from identify the flaws of them. Because some concoct factories are really extraordinary, they have abundant capital, advanced technology and strong pattern makers, technicians and developers. Their goals are producing fake sneakers exact alike the genuine sneakers. They even put the cushioning in the sneakers entirely. They can do all the above things, not to mentioned colors,logos,packaging and other details.Actually,even the most wise fake sneakers have flaws and I will share how to whether the sneakers are fake or genuine.


The materials fake sneakers used will certainly different from the genuine sneakers used. It is very important, because the genuine sneakers are selling expensive not only for the expenses on their brand advertising and development but also the expensive materials costs. Most of fake sneakers factories won't use the same expensive materials; they will seek some materials that look like the genuine sneakers used to act as a copy. Their material texture and attributes maybe the same as the genuine materials, but their level will be far behind.

1. Upper Vamp

Take basketball sneakers for example, most of genuine basketball sneakers use poromerics leather or drawback as their upper vamp materials. The method about hoe to identify the upper vamp materials is to the glossiness of them.The luster is more likely the genuine sneakers. What's more,you can press the sneakers by your hands,pull the upper vamp materials to see whether they have tenacity and elasticity.

2. Footwear Bottoms

Although both fake sneakers and genuine sneaker use thermoplastic and PVC as their footwear bottoms' materials, we still can distinguish the fake sneakers.The genuine sneakers will use some carbon fiber in their footwear bottoms and the genuine sneakers' footwear bottoms are luster.


Although the fake sneakers factory have done much with details,there are still many differences between fake sneakers and genuine sneakers.We can check the insolation,the stitching and the sole laying.

Remember to check the sneakers carefully before you hand over your money.

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