Home Based Business Marketing - The Reality About Replication

Late conversations regarding the object of replication and home based business marketing programs inspired this post. I have to start by genuinely asking the debate of whether or not we need to be seeking replication in the first place. And if so, what will we be replicating?

For years in my business the idea of a duplicable home based business marketing platform was pushed down my throat and firmly planted within my thought. Not only did I live by this concept of having one platform that everyone pursued, but I broadcast the theory to everyone I partnered with. Eventually something materialized for me that literally reformed the way I think about home based business marketing.

Do not misunderstand, I certainly acknowledge that people and enterprises must have systems. It is far easier to achieve home business success whenever you have a step by step plan to follow. the reality is, people crave specific direction. Brand-new home business owners need a 1,2,3 sort of formula. You must ask yourself what your home based business marketing system is actually yielding or replicating. Additionally, is your program genuinely duplicating in the first place?

Before we can respond to this question, we before all else need to understand replication inside the framework of the home based business marketing world. The average home business owner views duplication as a means to an end. In other words, when we have enough individuals reproducing our marketing formula, we may sit back, rest, and beam as the mailbox fills up with cash. This type of thinking is in reality buying into the myth of duplication. Allow me to clarify.

We begin with this hope that one by one or two by two we will add others to our team which will be faithful and copy our home based business marketing method. We surmise that the majority of people will obtain comparable results to our own, soon momentum will take over and we will be duplicating in masses. Then one day, realism hits and we understand that achieving true replication is more difficult than it appears.

This is where the light bulb was turned on for me and altered my rationale surrounding replication. Eight years into my business I woke up and understood that even though I had accomplished what some would label success, I was no further ahead than when I first started. Yes, I was making a lot more money than when I first started my business and had some pretty awesome perks; however, I had not touched that degree of viral duplication that everyone boasts about. Consequently I began studying home based business marketing strategies.

I learned that replication is a illusion in the home business field. This might rattle your chain a little; however, I wish to rouse your thinking. Honestly ask yourself what the statistics are in your business with regard to overall duplication and real people seeing real results? Now I am not talking about the one or two people who are getting direct and personal results. The question is how many individuals are able to accomplish true reproduction in depth in your business?

Important questions to ask:

Has your team grown apart from your personal contact? Basically this means that you frequently have people who you have not been introduced to which are generating big numbers without your input.

Would you be able to entirely remove yourself and your personal resources (your closing calls, webinars, coaching, etc.) from the program and have your team continue to prosper?

Is your team creating multiple legacy type businesses to the point where they could not be swayed to move to another company?

Could you walk away from your business and travel the world for an entire year without affecting your income?

Nearly all people are answering these questions with a big fat NO. If you are answering yes to all of the above, either you are out of touch with reality OR you hold a admirable home based business marketing formula which understands that actual duplication will not be achieved with one express home based business marketing system.

The reason so many people struggle to duplicate their home based business marketing lies in this answer. A simple system designed to be mass replicated does not exist. Proof? Allow me to take you back to my awakening moment.

After eight years of using a replicated home based business marketing formula, I was still executing the exact strategies I was when I started working my career. Unless I reformed my beliefs and altered my programs, I would carry on executing the same things forever. We are simply people. Each of us are different and bring to the table a different skill, talent, gift, personality, and perspective. So to think that one singular home based business marketing system can create multiple copies of me is ludicrous.

I was executing the exact same things over and over again because I was not making available tools, plans, and home based business marketing techniques that would work for different people. I was wrongfully assuming that anyone would be altered and tailored to fit the system, in place of customizing the system for dissimilarity. Ah-hah moment I might say.

Replication is a myth considering nobody may reproduce you. No one will do exactly what you do and get the exact same results. Until you ignore the concept of mass duplication and alter your home based business marketing plan, you will make the same mistakes I made and continue to rebuild your business over and over again searching for team members just matching you!

Author Resource:-> For more home business truths and coaching check this out for free support. If you do not have a home based business marketing system blueprint and training, utilizing diverse options as noted above, here is a system for ANY business and chance to acquire information from industry wide leaders.

By: Jodi Ouellette

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