Free Traffic to Your Site - 4 Free Tools You Must See

There are several tools online which you can use to generate traffic to your site. There are the paid ones and the free ones. I am going to show you the best free tools and how you can use them effectively to generate free traffic to your site. You will never have to spend a dime on these tools. These tools include Google Business solutions, Website optimizer, Twitter and WordPress.

Google Business solutions provides the best free tools which would help you to maintain your site or blog. You can also use the tools to make your site friendly with Google and avoid the long time it would have taken your site to rank. The higher your site rank on Google the larger the amount of traffic you will get. The tools can be use to analyze your web traffic and this is done by Google Analytics.

The Website Optimizer is used to make your site more effective. With this tool you can use it to get organic traffic from Google. This tool would optimize your site and make it eye-catching and reduces the bounce rate in your site. With this tool your site would be successful and many people would love it. Your site visibility would be improved by using the Website Optimizer.

Twitter also is the best free tool you can use to increase free traffic to your site. Twitter function as a micro-blogging site and you will only be allowed 140 characters or less in your post. Make sure that you include your website URL in your post and the post should not be more that 140 characters. There are also free tools you can use to send the post automatically. You can find these tools for free and others you will have to pay for their services.

Twitter has more than a million page views per month. Therefore if you learn how to use it to promote your site you will get free traffic to your site easily. The other thing is when you put your site URL on your Twitter profile it can be found on Google which means you will also get organic traffic from Google.

WordPress is another free tool you can use to get free traffic to your site. This a basic platform that you can enhance it with plugins. You can use it create mini sites to promote your websites. There are several free plugins online which you can download easily and then upload them to your site. You can download these plugins and then upload it to your WordPress site. Use WordPress to create several mini sites which would promote your site and you will be generating free traffic for a long time.

The tools I just mentioned above are the best for promoting your site. Use them correctly and you will see the traffic to your site increase. Google Business solutions, Website optimizer, Twitter and WordPress would increase free traffic to your site.

There are several other ways of getting free traffic for your site. To learn how you can generate thousands of free backlinks and generate free traffic for site without buying any software visit You will know how you can get thousands of backlinks to your site for free.

By Siyamak R White

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