Does Humanity Deserve All That Science Has to Offer - Does Science Deserve Our Humanity?

The other day, I was listening to a video. It was a BBC special discussing how Einstein wrote that famous letter to FDR, as he was gravely concerned about the Germans producing a nuclear bomb. It was from that letter and the subsequent meeting that the Manhattan Project was formed. Later, Albert Einstein in his later years felt that that was the biggest mistake of his life, writing that letter. Because now the genie was out of the bottle and mankind possessed a horrible weapon.

Einstein lived long enough to witness the Cold War, and some of the nuclear proliferation, and he wasn't alone in his concerns, as you will recall Oppenheimer are was also horrified at what they had done in the name of science, and he spent the rest of his life trying to get humanity worldwide to ban the use of nuclear weapons. Now then, after watching that show it occurred to me to ask myself a question;

"Does Humanity Deserve all that science has to offer?"

In some regards it seems that it doesn't. In other words, perhaps humankind is not responsible enough to have the knowledge of what our most brilliant "Human +" scientists are able to offer. Yes, that is a sad philosophical conundrum. On one hand we need to technologies for more efficient energy, more efficient transportation, and positive things like space exploration. Unfortunately each time science makes a major breakthrough, it's more than often used for evil, by some rouge regime on the planet.

And it's not that nations shouldn't have a defense system to protect themselves from the other humans, the problem is that none of these humans appear to be as ethical, sincere, or careful with their political negotiations as they'd have you believe. After all, they are still just humans. Should we expect more? Of course, those scientists, who are used to build destructive of weapons, or are evil thinkers themselves, well, for that I have another question;

"Does science deserve our humanity?"

Now some could argue that there is no such thing as humanity, because a species which is busy killing itself, and cheating would be void of humanity, therefore there is no such thing, or the definition is quite the opposite. And even though those human scientists which we could call "human plus" - they are nevertheless still human, with the same desires, flawed personalities, and needs as all the rest. What I'd like you to do is consider all this from a philosophical perspective - I'm asking you to think about it.

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By Lance Winslow

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